4 Easy Things You Can Do To Build Your List

4 Easy Things You Can Do To Build Your List

Although online marketing has been around since the Internet became a public communication system, it has become more prominent in the business arena. The need for better knowledge and skills has grown due to the development of more businesses that are internet based. New marketing strategies are being discovered due to the new face of the business world.

Because of the discovery of new marketing strategies, the demand for new online marketing tips has also grown, making way for a new form of business called Internet Marketing Strategies.

One of these new strategies is called ‘Opt-in Email Marketing’ or otherwise known as Permission Marketing. Opt-in Email Marketing requires that anyone who wishes to receive your advertisements, which may be newsletters, catalogs or any other promotional sent via email, give their permission to receive it. In other words, they must ‘Opt-In’ to your list.

Because your list is made up of people who have already shown interest in your products or services and willingly signed up to receive your newsletter, your list is made up of highly targeted customers. These are people who liked what they saw on your site. It will be much easier to sell your product and/or service to them.

Building a list is not hard, as some would have you to believe. Yes, it takes time and patience, but once you begin, it opens up a whole new world and takes your new business to a whole new level. If an increase in traffic to your site and more profits are what you desire, then building an opt-in list is the answer to your prayers.

Different people have different ways of building their lists but there are always certain things that must be done.

1) Find a good web form to add to your site. It should be placed at the bottom, immediately after your content. This is done to maximize the chance that the visitor will sign up. It is not difficult to find a good web form. There are many sites that offer free opt-in forms. Type the words ‘opt-in form’ (with the quotes) into any search engine. As more and more people fill out your form, your list will grow.

2) Make sure that your website captures visitors’ attention. It should be easy to use. Your graphics should be well designed and look good, but don’t overdue it. The larger the bandwidth your site uses, the longer it will take to load and surfers don’t like to wait. You should also have well written articles and other informative content. Make the site useful. This will keep people coming back.

3) Offer good products and services. If your customers are satisfied with you, they are more likely to return. They are also likely to tell others about you. This will result in more business for you. Word of mouth recommendations always result in more business than just plain old advertising. The more satisfied customers you have, the more people will find out about your business.

4) Make sure that you keep a clean list. Also, do not share it. Your customers are your business’ lifeblood. Do NOT lose their trust. Treat them like kings and queens. Remember, they are not there to serve you, YOU serve them. The old adage holds true – The customer is always right.

These are just 4 ways you can grow your opt-in list. There are many others, but to keep this short, I have just touched on the top 4 . Remember, the money is in the list. In order for your business to succeed, you MUST have a list.


Michelle Hoffmann is the owner, editor and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine –  an online publication that is dedicated to helping marketers, new and experienced, succeed in their online businesses. She is also a mother, digital artist, writer, Chandler, photographer, website designer, IT business owner, Criminal Justice major and Homeland Security & Emergency Management major. Yes, she does it all!

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