Are You Not Getting The Results You Desire?

Are You Not Getting The Results You Desire?Are You Not Getting The Results You Desire?

As the publisher of an ezine and advertising promoter, I get to see all of the reasons why ads fail, or succeed. One of the biggest reasons for lack of results is cookie cutter duplication. Let me give you an example:

You have finally found the perfect program or product. You’ve become an affiliate, created your tracking links, found some places to advertise, set aside some cash to do the advertising and subscribed to some marketing ezines.

You are all set to go!

Your next step is to submit some ads. You are positive that everyone is going to jump on your offering, it is SOOOOO good! Your advertising budget is small and quickly being diminished due to all of the advertising that you are doing, but you do not mind, you know it will be replenished in short time.

A day goes by, then two, then three, then a week and then reality sets in. You check your tracking links and see only a handful, or worse, no clicks. Your heart sinks. What went wrong?

Everything was perfect. They gave you the perfect tools, everything was professional, you promoted in all of the right places and yet NOTHING.


There are numerous reasons why this could be the case. First and foremost, did you check the url? Are you sure it worked? Many times I find that the links that are submitted with the ads are not the correct ones (a typo, a period out of place, a corrupted “short link”, etc.

Make sure this does not happen to you. Always, I mean ALWAYS, click on the link before you submit it to be published to the ezine/safelist. Make SURE that it goes to the site you want it to!

Another reason your link may not have been clicked on is if the site has become know for having many pop ups, entrance OR exit. Recently, I clicked on the link of an advertiser to make sure that the link worked, and, OMG was bombarded with pop up after pop up after pop up.

14 pop ups in total!

I have to tell you, after finally closing all of those dang pop ups, I was no longer interested in the product/program offered. Any future ads I see by this company will NOT be clicked on!

I can see the usefulness of one or two pop ups… to offer a better deal or sweeter offering, but if the creator has to beg and plead with me to look at his/her deal, then I get wary, and start wondering if there is something they are not telling me. lol

A third possibility as to why the ad may not have been clicked, is market saturation. There have been times where I wold publish 5 or 6 ads a day for different clients, but for the same product. People get tired of seeing the same ad over and over and over again. The solution to this problem is simple. Create your own ad for your campaign. I would say do not use the ad that is given to you by the program owner. Just use it as a basis to create your own ad.

Unique, personal ads get the best results.

Especially if they are short and to the point. Cookie cutter ads simply do not get a second glance after the first couple days. My recommendation is to not use them!

Next time you jump into the next big thing, take heed. There will be many people out there, fighting to get THEIR ad seen and THEIR ad clicked on and a sale made by THEM. If you want to stand out, be noticed and get clicks and sales then, 


This is one case where DIFFERENT IS GOOD!

Michelle A. Hoffmann is a Work at Home mother of 4, chandler, website designer, internet marketer, writer, photographer, ezine editor/publisher/owner as well as wife to Internet marketing consultant, Udo A. Hoffmann.  You can visit her website at

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