Asking for Help :(

asking for help

Asking for help

Hi There 🙂

I come to you today, not willingly… but out of necessity.  About a month and half ago, I injured my back – I have 4 herniated disks that are causing me extreme pain and keeping me from working.  In fact, the job I did have fired me because I had forgotten to bring in a dr’s note excusing my absence from work.  This has caused my family and I an extreme hardship – as we do not have the rent money, money to pay bills or other necessities.  We had had about $1000 saved up, but that money is long gone :(.  

I started a GoFundMe page asking for help.  I hate having to ask… it seems to me like begging, but it’s something that I need to do right now – as I do not know how long this injury is going to last.


I’d rather have people order products from me so that I feel like I’m contributing…  so, if you’d rather, you can visit and order products from that page… I have several items – candles, books, original photography by myself 🙂, new age items… there’s something for everyone! 🙂

Thank you!  God Bless!

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