Principles of Success – Definiteness of Purpose

Principles of Success – Definiteness of Purpose

Expert Author Elphas Sipho Mdluli

Everyone desires to succeed in life. When you seriously want something, you can sacrifice for it. Definiteness of purpose is an unwavering desire one has in life. It is a strong wish that needs to be realised. One needs to write it down to ensure that it is firmly planted in one’s subconscious mind. It is said that whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. Achieving such is not about how deep a person’s formal education and poverty levels are. A person possesses some thing powerful to change anything in life.

Regardless of the number of times you may have failed in achieving something in life, definiteness of purpose shall help drive you achieve your desire. God the Creator has given a gift to every man, which is different from other creatures, that is, the ability to use and control the mind to achieve anything in life. You can control anything. Other creatures only follow instincts, which they do not even understand. It is, therefore, important that you describe exactly what you want. Set a goal bigger than the one you achieved before.

To every human being is placed two choices in life.

That is to follow blessings or riches and curses, which are a result failure to control one’s mind accordingly. You enjoy blessings if you possess and direct your mind. Failure to possess and direct the mind leads to penalties or negative consequences.

Blessings of possessing and directing the mind result in several benefits, which include sound health, peace of mind, freedom from fear and worry, positive mental attitude, and material riches of your choice and quantity.

On the other hand, failure to direct and control one’s mind results in ill- health, fear and worry, indecision and doubt, frustration and discouragement throughout life, poverty and lack, a lot of evil consisting of things like anger, unforgiveness, etc.

What should you do to ensure you have definiteness of purpose?

1. Get some thing on which to write your major desire in life. It terms of achieving your desire in life, you are limited by those limits you accept or those you allow others to set for you.

2. Clearly describe what you intend to do in return to get what you desire in life. Begin doing it immediately. Always remember that there is nothing for nothing. Provide service or something of value.

3. Read and repeat the statements you have written down and memorise them. Read it the statements at least twice a day, that is, in the morning and evening.

Begin expressing gratitude for realizing your desire before holding it in your hands.

Definiteness of purpose is the first principle of success on anything you want to achieve in life. Know what you want and put it on a concise statement. It is important to determine what you can offer or provide in return to acquiring your desire. Put the two statements on paper or writing so you can read and memorize them. Read it regularly until it is part of you. Start expressing gratitude right away.

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