Terms of Service


1] No REFUNDS on PAID and Published Advertising (Reason:You have paid for a service rendered). Any attempts to obtain a refund or do a chargeback for services which have already been rendered constitutes fraud and will be dealt with accordingly.

2] You are allowed 1 membership per subscriber. A membership has its own 5 line, 60 charater per line text ad per week for the members use. Any attempt to subscribe more than once will result in ALL subscriptions being cancelled and any ads (paid or free) forfeited.

3] If you unsubscribe before your ad is run, (paid or free) we are under no obligation to publish it. Also, any paid ads that are not run may be refunded at our sole discretion.

4] All urls used in ads must be valid. Ads with broken links, ads to known scam sites or sites that partake in illegal activites will not be published.

5] Names and emails will remain private and never sold or rented and may NOT have an autoresponder attached.

6] Your email address must be valid

7] Email from 24karatmarketer will never be S/P/A/M. Expect to receive Advertising and our Ezine as well as occassional bulletins and communication emails as part of your double opt in membership. Any member reporting email received from The 24 Karat Marketer as alleged spam to any person, persons, or entities is guilty of both fraud and a civil crime and may be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Further, should the said allegation result in any interruption of normal business activity of the company and/or result in loss of income and/or result in unnecessary expenses, a civil suit will be brought against the complainant for restitution.

8] We can not be held responsible for loss of income from any program’s problems, hosting outages or other technical problems that could arise. Nor do we guarantee the level of response from any ads placed in The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine.

9] Prices and rates are subject to change and only binding on prepaid advertising not withstanding any sales, specials or other discount offerings.

10] Any attempts to spam free24karatmarketer.com, will result in termination of services and a complaint filed with the originator’s ISP.

11] The 24KaratMarketer network retains the sole right to accept or reject all advertising at our discretion.

12] Any ads submitted not following the FTC guidelines will not be accepted and deleted with no notice. This is for YOUR protection and ours.

13] No AOL.com,collegeclub.com,zwallet.com email addresses will be accepted. If you use Hotmail or Yahoo, be forewarned that you may not receive the ezine. Be sure to add webmistress@free24karatmarketer.com to your ‘add’ list. 

Your subscription to The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine may be terminated at any time by either party. Remove links are provided at the bottom of each email sent by us as well as on the front page of our website (www.free24karatmarketer.com).

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