The Ezine Ad Store is BACK!

The Ezine Ad Store is BACK!

Back in April of 2019, PayPal decided that I had violated their Acceptable Use Policy (for some reason), and closed my account  – banning me from ever using them again..   Ever since then, I have been fighting with them…  trying to get my account back.  Needless to say, since I was using PayPal as my main payment processor, the Ezine Ad Store all but ceased to exist.  I have been unable to sell any ads or products for months.

Eventually, I got so fed up with PayPal’s BS that I contacted the California Attorney General’s office, explaining the situation, and asking if the could step in on my behalf.  I was surprised when, a few days ago. I received an email from PayPal, apologizing for the misunderstanding and reinstating my account!  🙂

So, PayPal is once again my main payment processor! 🙂

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