A Trump Conspiracy?

The Trump Conspiracy

Was Nikola Tesla murdered? Why? By Whom? Find out the TRUTH about Donald Trump and his plan for immigration and world domination! How is the Illuminati involved? Find out in The WardenClyffe Files

The Trump Conspiracy

This is a fictional story based on the missing files of Nikola Tesla and their possible relationship to Donald Trump today. Following the lives of Tesla and the Trump family, it offers a glimpse into possible reasons for recent events as well as suggesting that these events may have been set in motion by certain secret organizations. This is the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories.’The WardenClyffe Files’, while fictitious, does allow us the opportunity to conjure up unconventional scenarios of various activities which are occurring around the world. These scenarios open up our imaginations and allows for the creation of numerous other conspiracy theories than the ones that were touched upon here. Some of what was discussed, was true – the rest of it, well… not. It has been left to you, the reader, to decide what you want to believe.’

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