‘The WardenClyffe Files – The Trump Connection’

‘The WardenClyffe Files – The Trump Connection’


The world is steeped in conspiracy theories – from the assassination of JFK to chem-trails; from Area 51 to Roswell to the Bermuda Triangle; and the Illuminati and their bringing about of a New World Order – and it has been said that the best conspiracy theories are the ones that are intertwined with a smidgen of the truth. The problem that most people seen to have, however, is their inability to discern this truth. They are pummeled daily with ‘fake news’ – fed to them via TV news reports, online news websites, or newspapers that are backed by organizations who have no interest in reporting the important, real news; their only interest is in spreading propaganda, “false flag operations”, or diversion.

Sometimes, these conspiracy theories are harmless. In fact, the very reason for their existence is to make people laugh. They are so outrageous as to be utterly preposterous; irrational to the point of absurdity. At other times, however, the conspiracy theory can be so convincing as to cause a reaction within society akin to hysteria. It is this type of conspiracy theory that those who seek greatness feed on; it is this that they use to build their tyranny; it is this that breeds fear. It is then, through this fear, that oppression succeeds. Sometimes a conspiracy theory is exactly that… a theory of a conspiracy. It’s up to you to distinguish the truth.

And this, my dear reader…is the purpose of this report.

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